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Summary Of The Classification Of Pressure Vessel
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Pressure vessel classification method are many, from the Angle of the use, manufacture and inspection, classification, there are the following.

1.according to the stress level is divided into: low pressure vessel, medium pressure vessel, pressure vessel and superhigh pressure vessel.

2.according to the loading medium is divided into: non flammable, non-toxic; Flammable or toxic; Highly toxic.

3.according to the role of process divided into:

(1) the reaction tank for medium physical and chemical reaction vessel.

(2) heat transfer container: used to complete medium heat exchange of the container.

(3) separate containers: used to complete the quality of the medium exchange of solid, liquid, gas, gas purification, separation of containers.

(4) shipping container: used to survey all material, liquid or gas medium or container of pressure balance buffer role.

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