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The classification of the storage tank
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Because of the different storage medium, in the form of storage tank is also varied.

According to the position classification: can be divided into the ground, underground storage tank, storage tank and a half underground, offshore storage tank, storage tank bottom tanks, etc.

According to the oil categories: can be divided into the crude oil storage tank, fuel oil, lubricating oil, edible oil storage tank, fire water tank, etc.

According to use classification: can be divided into the production of oil tank, storage tank, etc.

According to the form of classification: can be divided into vertical storage tank, horizontal tank, etc.

The classification of the structure can be divided into fixed roof tank, floating roof tank and spherical storage tank, etc.

By size classification: more than 50 m3 for large storage tank, for vertical storage tank; Below 50 m 3 for small tank, horizontal tank.

According to the tank material: storage tank engineering required material is divided into material of tank and ancillary facilities. Tank material can be according to standard tensile yield strength and tensile strength are divided into low high strength steel, steel and identity of multi-purpose at more than 5000 m3 tank; Ancillary facilities (including wind ring beam, lock mouth, winding staircase, railing, etc.) are made of low strength of ordinary carbon structural steel, the rest of the parts, accessories, other materials adopted according to different purposes, commonly used domestic steel manufacturing tanks have 20, 20 r, 16 mn, 16 MNR, and Q235 series and so on.

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